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IM magician Authorized Brand

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IM Magician is an USB PC Camera application software to be used as a supplementary software for other popular chatting programs, such as QQ, Skype, and MSN, etc. IM Magician can provide various special image effects that can give user a much interesting and interactive video chatting experience. To enhance the user experience of the web camera, IM Magician has provide very powerful image processing features, such as Special Image Effect, Video Frame, Animation Flash, Face Tracking, Masking, and Magic Mirror, etc..
IM Magician not only can be used as a supplementary software, it can also to be used as a standalone PC Camera software, with functions of Capture Still Image, Record Audio, Record Video, and Play Back, it also provides motion-detection based surveillance features.

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BarCode 2D application is an tool to generate and read the QR 2D barcode.
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